Keg Filling

After working with customers requiring kegging services (although curiously not yet a beer producer!), we've become something of a fan of the Doluim One-Way PET Kegs.  The problem that our customers find is that they cannot often be filled using their normal keg filling equipment.  Keg fillers are designed to wash, sanitise (using steam), then fill in a single automated process.  This process destroys the PET kegs, which aren't suitable for steam sterilising.  

We are now in a position to keg still, carbonated, and nitrogenated beverages using our filling system.  From a single keg to a monthly contract we are able to keg your product, and possibly even supply the kegs themselves. 

We recommend Dolium Kegs, and more specifically 'Williams The Keg' as the Commercial Agent for Dolium in the UK.  NIgel Williams can be contacted on 07739 403104.

For more information on Dolium kegs please contact Nigel (details above), or see