We are in a somewhat unique position of being able to work with you and offer advise and expertise from a brand-owner perspective, an expert's perspective, and a producer's perspective.

The services we offer, both in house and through selected specialist partners, allow us to guide you through, and around, many of the mis-steps that we frequently see.  Because we can see your product end-to-end then we know what questions to ask of you, and the impacts that will have.  

When we decided that we’d try selling it, we thought that there’s no point unless we produce a commercial product fit for retail. So the next few months were spent researching labelling legislation, cooking & bottling processes, shelf life and branding etc. Our first port of call was a Skype consultation with Jonathan Luker from http://www.smallscalebottling.com, perhaps the best £££ we spent during this process
Benyah Ansah, YogiYo Sauces and successful Drangon's Den investee

Prices are based on facility usage and expertise required, and will depend to a certain degree on the commitment that you are able to make to the process.

Examples of work:

  • Label check for legality
  • Sourcing ingredients
  • Commercialising recipes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Bottle & closure sourcing and customisation
  • Recipe development
  • 'Rework' of recipes to new standards or changing of ingredients (e.g. Southampton Colours)
  • Contract packer sourcing

At present, due to the level of interest that has been shown in our consultancy, these are offered on a 'Skype' style basis.  Face-to-Face meetings may be available, but will take longer to schedule and may not fit your timetable.  Additional charges for travel time and expenses may be levied as due to a recent factory move we do not have an on-site meeting facility yet.