Cold, or hot, large or small, we can produce a bespoke infusion for you.  It can be preserved, acidified, packed in to drums for shipping to its next processor or bottled, blended or otherwise processed in to final product on-site.

Cold Brew Coffee

We have a wealth of experience in the cold-brew coffee area.  Cold brew coffee is a particularly troublesome beast, and be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise (we know who they are).  There are compromises that have to be made in the tussle between flavour, integrity, shelf-life and preservation.  For the sake of clarity you cannot have anything other than a short shelf-life on cold-brew without using methods which are either a) expensive/large MOQ, b) using additional preservation methods which will impact the product in some way.

We do not produce a 'standard' coffee, but work with our customers to produce the product to their specification.  


  • Cold Brew Coffee Manufacture, including multiple filtration methods, in either large scale or small scale tanks/vessels
  • Cold Brew Bottling 
  • Carbonating and/or nitrogenation of Cold Brew Coffee in to either bottles or kegs to produce 'nitro-coffee'
  • Cold Brew Coffee Labelling
  • Boxing/Shipping