Samuelsons Salsa Approved
Organic Food Federation Certified

Organic Food Federation Certified

UK Based Bottling, Global Consulting.

Specialising in sub 25,000 unit production runs (in-house), commercial & large scale production and production management, start-ups, innovators, marketeers & entrepreneurs. 
Our aim is to assist you in delivering a complete product to market - one that is scalable and a fully commercialised realisation of your vision.


Whether you have an idea that you want to try but don't know where to start, or you have a product that you want to try out with a small run of only a few bottles, we can help.

If you're looking for a bit of advice, then just ask.  It's intimidating, so we offer simple advice  - the advice we wish we had when we started.


Trials & Test Runs 

If you're looking for a small batch of test product, or want to see if different concentrations of flavour work best then let us help.  From as little as 25 litres we can blend, carbonate & bottle a product for you with up to a 2 year shelf life without using preservatives or additives.



If you're up and running already, or are looking to start full-scale production then we can help.   We offer flexible, scalable manufacturing options for a variety of packaging sizes, closure types and preservation types.  Our aim is to make your product cost-effective in the market place.

A recent 200,000 unit production run managed and controlled by us on behalf of our client

A recent 200,000 unit production run managed and controlled by us on behalf of our client

Product, Project & Production Management

When you want someone else to step in and take over, at whatever stage or size of production you're at, our expertise aims to make the process simple - or as simple as it can be.

Contract Bottling

For those that need no further assistance, our contract bottling service offers small and larger scale runs with huge flexibility in both packaging and size

Consultancy & Product Realisation

From proof-of-concept, to commercialisation, from ingredients to packaging, we work with you to get a realistic product on to the market to maximise the chance of commercial success

New Product Development

We work with some of the largest players in the global market to bring commercial scalability to even the smallest of projects.  Our flavourists and consultants have some of the widest ranging experiences, across huge swathes of the market.

White Labelling

If you're looking for fast-access, then producing some of our current product ranges with your own labels are a fast, efficient and time-effective to test your route-to-market with the minimal of outlay

Kegging and Casking

Still, carbonated or nitrogenated, we can take your product and fill into keg/cask.  Nitrogenation for nitro-coffee, carbonation for draught drinks and cocktails, we have the ability to bulk fill your product.

Infusions & Speciality Brews

We have a great deal of experience with hot and cold brewing of a variety of tea and herbal infusions, cold-brew coffees and others in our on-site facility.  Nitro-kegging, bottling, carbonation and preservation are all dealt with according to specification.

In the world of pasteurisation there are few options available to small producers

  • Hot Fill
  • In-Bottle Pasteurisation

For many soft drinks because of carbonation or 'cooking' flavours, and for those who have outgrown the sometimes slow speeds of hot-fill pasteurisation then the only viable option is hot-water bath pasteurisation.

In-bottle pasteurisation is suitable for most, if not all, semi-viscous and non-viscous liquids. 

We now manufacture our own pasteurisers, as we realised that we could not justify buying the products available on the market.  We now make these available to you, at approximately 50% of others available on the market per sq. ft.

Prices from £2,500 (1200 x 500), £4,500 (1200 x 850)

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