Product, Project & Production Management

We can 'inject' ourselves in to almost any point that you need us in the production process.  Our business model is to guide you to success.  Then, if we've done an amazing job, you get to do the stuff that you do best - being great ambassadors, sales people and marketeers - tapping in to new markets and pushing your product and business forward.  We make sure that your product is available, and manage the production - in house or through partners to leverage scale and pricing to make your product even more commercially successful.


Our Power

Often other bottlers - the large ones, snazzy ones, the sexy ones - well, frankly, they don't want to deal with you.  Normally you're technically ignorant in the areas that they want, and they haven't the time or will to educate you.  We step in, making the process friction free.  That means your product gets produced faster.  We get our phone calls returned.  Mostly.


Our Scope

.From miniatures to Bag-in-Box, soft drinks or alcoholic products, PET or glass, we have the 'rolodex' won by years of experience to know where best-in-breed production can be found.  At the right price.  At the right volume.


Our prowess

Because we only earn when you're successful we are incentivised to make the right decisions, to get your product made at the right price.  Because we know how to make the right calls, and point you in the right direction, we can help you make your business successful.  We've taken start-ups from NPD through to 100,000's of units shipped per month.  We can give you the right tools to make your business a multi-million pound enterprise.  Our track-record proves this.

Contract Bottling is the term used for when you contract out your bottling to someone else.  In essence you provide the ingredients/formula and we then process the entire operation from start to end.

We'll be quite clear on this - you are asking for the use of a factory which has very expensive, very specialist equipment.  This means the work comes with a price-tag commensurate with the costs that we bear.  Do not expect a bottle to cost you 25p all in from start to finish.

With other contract bottlers you will get an upfront quoted price per bottle.  We’re, by necessity of dealing with customers and products that are untested, different.  Due to the nature of our operation we work on (much) smaller margins, and so we offer our bottling on a day/half day basis for filling.  Prices are discounted based on volume of business & associated risk.

One off order -  from £1,200 per day

*Minimum Charges Apply*


  • Pasteurising
  • Boxing
  • Palletising
  • Pallet Wrapping
  • Haulage
  • Still
  • Sparkling
  • Shrink Sleeving (off site)
  • Wax Finish
  • Labelling


Still or sparkling, we can do both. We can collect product from you and blend to your instructions or you can come and blend then leave us to bottle, the decision is yours.

We can pasteurise all products using a low-temperature technique that has no ill effect on the flavour of product.  This also has the benefit of giving up to a 2 year shelf life using our method and equipment!  We can also hot-fill in to PET (although it's slower, so more expensive).

If you’d like the bottles to be capsulated (PVC shrink wrapped like a wine bottle) or wax sealed then this is available to you too.

To complete our on-line bottling product specification which will allow us to understand more about your requirements please click here

What can you expect to get for your money?

Guide Only!

Products that do not require pasteurisation upto 7,000 bottles per day
Products that require pasteurisation - upto 2,500 per day (with customer assistance)

Simply put, we use this model as each customer comes to us with a different requirement for filling/blending etc. which takes different amounts of time.  When it comes to how many bottles or litres/bottles you can achieve in a day then it depends on the size/volume of your bottle, the pasteurisation or preservation method (if any), the cap used and (importantly) how long your product takes to blend or ‘bulk manufacture’.  The simpler it is for us to do, the faster it becomes and the more throughput you get for your money.

Volumes will vary dependent upon your bottle size, ease of product handling etc., and we do not guarantee an output per day.

If you are looking for a set price per bottle then this is available, and our long term customers work with us on this basis, but is bespoke to each customer and will only be given after a trial run and 3 commercial level runs have been completed.

If you're new to bottling please click here to view our "Dummies Guide to Bottling".

What’s not included:

  • Boxes
  • Shipping
  • Labelling
  • Date Coding - for more information see our Date Coding Page

We don't charge for:

  • Advice (as opposed to a consultation)
  • Small scale stock holding & storage (within reason).  Holding pallet sized quantities for more than 4 days will incur a charge.


Labelling is different for every single customer.  Some require complicated shapes or difficult to apply substrates and glues.  As such each customer will pay a different price per bottle.  So we've made it simple.  Difficulty = more time.  It makes it simpler to apply an hourly rate as the simpler the application the more throughput and the cheaper per bottle it will become.  Labelling, be it entirely hand supplied or roll-fed (up to 1,500 bph) is charged at £30 per man hour if it goes outside of your day/half-day bottling period.  

The items that aren't included we can of course provide, but they may be unique to each customer.  Different requirements for case size would require a different box size with a different cost for example.  We work closely with our box manufacturer and can provide custom box sizes if that is what you require with as little as 200 item minimum order.   

Product Specification:

If you know what you're looking for, then please use the form below to complete our product spec.  It will be sent to us for review, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can, normally within a working week.

Product Development

We're happy to take on, and have, a wide range of product development for different beverages and syrups - both BiB and Bulk as well as for the RTD markets.  We work with some of the best consultants and labs in the country with access to some amazing ingredients.

Scope of Works

Adhoc Research / Development Work:  £25 - £150 per hour dependent on facility usage & skills required  

Flavour Development only - timescales 4-8 weeks from acceptance of customer brief.

To include:

  • Flavour Development to customer brief
  • 2 x changes/tweaks to recipe
  • Required labelling information 
  • Allergen conformity

Bolt-On Extras

  • Nutritional Information Testing
  • Additional Recipe Tweaks

Cost: From £750 per day





Flavour Development, Purchase of Trial Ingredients, Trial Bottling Run - timescales 6-10 weeks from acceptance of customer brief.

To include

  • Flavour Development to customer brief
  • 2 x changes/tweaks to recipe
  • Required labelling information 
  • Allergen conformity
  • Purchase of Materials
  • Batch Preparation of Ingredients
  • Purchase of Caps, Bottles, Outers
  • Bottling to Spec (still/sparking or a combination)
  • Shipping

Bolt-On Extras

  • Nutritional Information Testing
  • Additional Recipe Tweaks

This package can is offered from the pricing below, as the degree of complexity of your product will have a bearing.

Cost: From £1700

synolos1st day 294.JPG

The best product in the world? It's the way it looks that makes people buy it in the first place!

OK, so we didn't get in to making soft drinks to be marketeers, but it's a necessary part of the job.

We realise however that it's not our niche area of expertise, nor would we want it to be, so we've drafted in carefully selected professionals that work for us in this exact scenario.

From a complete branding package to simple artwork adjustments (ingredients etc.), then we can help.

Perhaps you need to adjust your artwork size to accommodate our automated systems?  These things are not only possible in a hurry, they are also cheap! 

Keg Filling

After working with customers requiring kegging services (although curiously not yet a beer producer!), we've become something of a fan of the Doluim One-Way PET Kegs.  The problem that our customers find is that they cannot often be filled using their normal keg filling equipment.  Keg fillers are designed to wash, sanitise (using steam), then fill in a single automated process.  This process destroys the PET kegs, which aren't suitable for steam sterilising.  

We are now in a position to keg still, carbonated, and nitrogenated beverages using our filling system.  From a single keg to a monthly contract we are able to keg your product, and possibly even supply the kegs themselves. 

We recommend Dolium Kegs, and have also used Key Kegs to great success.  For more information on Dolium kegs please contact Nigel (details above), or see



Cold, or hot, large or small, we can produce a bespoke infusion for you.  It can be preserved, acidified, packed in to drums for shipping to its next processor or bottled, blended or otherwise processed in to final product on-site.

Cold Brew Coffee

We have a wealth of experience in the cold-brew coffee area.  Cold brew coffee is a particularly troublesome beast, and be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise (we know who they are).  There are compromises that have to be made in the tussle between flavour, integrity, shelf-life and preservation.  For the sake of clarity you cannot have anything other than a short* shelf-life on cold-brew without using methods which are either a) expensive/large MOQ, b) using additional preservation methods which will impact the product in some way.

* by short we mean that you will not manage to maintain an 18 month to 2 year shelf stable product


We do not produce a 'standard' coffee, but work with our customers to produce the product to their specification.  


  • Cold Brew Coffee Manufacture, including multiple filtration methods, in either large scale or small scale tanks/vessels
  • Cold Brew Bottling 
  • Carbonating and/or nitrogenation of Cold Brew Coffee in to either bottles or kegs to produce 'nitro-coffee'
  • Cold Brew Coffee Labelling
  • Boxing/Shipping

Using bespoke production methods we now produce coffee that can be found in national bar and cafe chains, all at an affordable, commercial price.

Our methods range from fully automatic lines to largely manual and semi-automatic lines.  This allows us to take a wide variety of bottle types, closures and liquids.  Be it e-liquids, households products or semi-viscous product we can handle almost anything within reason, both food and non-food items.

We have taken products that have simply not been able to be bottled anywhere else, and have worked with large pharmaceutical companies through to bespoke marketing organisations that require a one-off product for a client.

For those customers who require unbundling or repackaging of non-hazardous product, we offer a service that allows for maximum flexibility.  Reworking and repackaging product by hand gives you the ability to offer what your customer needs, rather than only being able to deliver what your bulk purchase allows for.


  • Reworking & repackaging
  • Re-cartoning of damaged-box product
  • Testing/Inspection of water & shipping damaged and crushed product and reboxing/palletising
  • Display boxing for retail and gift packs
  • Overlabelling
  • Barcode labelling
  • Boxing in to various outer-carton sizes
  • Bepsoke, personal service from a friendly family firm

DIY bottling is where we open up our facility for your use.  We can train you on how to bottle your products and we then leave you in charge of your own bottling operation.  We are on hand of course to advise you prior to your visit. 

 £325 facility rental fee + price per bottle filled
(Note: £75 of bottle filling charges are included in these rates)

250/275ml:    £0.10
330ml:           £0.12
500ml            £0.19
750ml:           £0.29

This charge is purely for the facility use and does not include bottles, cost of goods etc.

We recommend (and for your first visit to us at least insist), on having at least one member of our trained staff with you.  This will be at your cost and you will pay the staff member directly as a sub-contractor to you.

What's included:

  • £75 of bottling charges
  • Electricity on the day
  • CO2
  • Tea & Coffee!
  • The use of our little factory

What's not included:

  • Boxes
  • Bottles
  • Caps 
  • Any raw materials or ingredients

Things we can do for you that we charge for:

Individual blending tank:  For strong flavoured products that could adversely affect other peoples products – circa £70
Cleaning up after you: We're not your mum.  Leave it messy or don’t clean the equipment and it’ll be £90/hour cleaning charge with a 30 min minimum. This really annoys us.
Mineral Water / Pre Chilling (see below)
Extra staff: If you’re on your own but you need extra staff then we can arrange this.
Boxing and pasteurisation:  If you’re leaving for the night but need product to be pasteurised and boxed then stored then we’ll do this for £50/hour with a minimum of 1 hour.
Boxes:  50p for small boxes which fit 20 x250-330ml bottles. 90p for 12 x 750ml bottles
Bottles & Closures.  Price will be vary slightly based on how many pallets we get delivered at once, thus splitting costs among all customers and ourselves in an effort to save everyone money.  We're nice like that.  We've generally got stock of 330ml screw cap and 750ml screw cap at all times.

Stuff you'll need to know:

Chilling:  To get the best and most efficient carbonation the product needs to be chilled to 4 degrees Centigrade or below.  This will take time.  We can get this kick-started for you by pre-chilling a tank of water the night before to bring it down to 1 degree C.  This is at a cost of double the electricity charge (by meter reading) plus labour.  Typically this will be around £25.  This will vary dependent on the outside air temperature.

The excess water that you do not need can be decanted to a second tank and then pumped back in to the bottling/blending tank for the next round of production if you are producing more than one tank in a day.

Water:  You can either use standard unfiltered tap-water, or as all of our other customers choose to do, use our rather special Mineral Water.  We can’t say where it comes from, but our customers like it because it does make a difference to the flavour.  We collect the water on a weekly basis.  It costs us £75 to do so plus the water cost, and we split that cost among those using the water that week.  You then pay a few pence per litre of water used.  Any water that isn’t used we pay for even if it gets thrown away.  You’ll need to budget a few pounds for water.  Typical costs are in the area of £85 for up to 1,000L.

Throughput:  The speed you go is dependent upon a few things:  your aptitude, how many people are bottling (one is slow, two is good, three is best), and pasteurisation.  If you’re pasteurising then it will take approx. 40 minutes to pasteurise 200 bottles.  Take this in to account and use this as your slowest step – so you’re looking at max 300 bottles per hour.

Responsibility:  It is your responsibility to ensure your product is sound.  We bear no responsibility for a poor product, bad pasteurisation or any other thing.  By using our facility you indemnify Samuelsons against all loss, damages, public liabilities or any other legal proceedings though the use of our facility, or the product that results from it. You must ensure that you are fully aware of all the risks associated with creating a food product, all legal requirements and that you comply.  You take on all liability when you use the facility.  You must satisfy yourself that all safety procedures, HACCP, H&S and other requirements are fulfilled as Samuelsons nor its staff or volunteers make any guarantees that either your product, our facility or your methodology are suitable for the intended purpose.  Basically if you screw up it’s your fault.  We provide equipment and it’s your job to make sure the equipment is good enough for the job intended.  You can’t sue us.  So there.