Date coding using a Continuous Inkjet Printer is the industry standard.  It's the dot-matrix style date/batch coding that you see on pretty much every mass produced bottle in the UK.


The text you see here is applied using the type of machine you see to the right.  As the bottles move down a conveyor belt the silver wand sprays mico-fine ink on to the bottle which instantly dries due to the solvent used.

This process can be used to put the bar-code pretty much anywhere on the bottle, or cap/shrink capsule etc as long as the face is visible to the coder-wand.

Many of our customers have the dates pre-printed on to the labels by their label suppliers (talk to us about this), but for customers that DO wish to date code (due to purchasing labels in bulk to take advantage of heavy discounts), using the CIJ coder we can offer this option by printing directly on to the cap.