Ring Pull Crown Caps - UK Exclusive Bottler

Well we've gone and done it!

We've taken the first step on breaking new ground in the UK.  Ring pull crown caps were tried here in the UK once, about 25 years ago, but the bottler didn't stick with it.  It was a big multi-national and they used it as a novelty then discarded it.

We think there's more to it than that.

Simplicity is king.  Keep It Simple, Stupid. This KISS principle means we should take a good long look at ring pull crown caps.  They are suitable for both the take-away, drink at home and retail environments.  They're cheaper than screw-caps and they look very sleek.  The bottles for crown caps are cheaper than screw-caps, and the crowns themselves are also less expensive than many screw-cap styles that we have to use.

What's not to like?

So, we're importing the kit and caps to do it.  It's not cheap, but we think it's worth it.