In the world of pasteurisation there are few options available to small producers

  • Hot Fill
  • In-Bottle Pasteurisation

If you can afford a Tunnel Pasteuriser then I would suggest that you no longer can be described as a small producer!

For many soft drinks because of carbonation or 'cooking' flavours, and for those who have outgrown the sometimes slow speeds of hot-fill pasteurisation then the only viable option is hot-water bath pasteurisation.

In-bottle pasteurisation is suitable for most, if not all, semi-viscous and non-viscous liquids. 

In short the packaged, air-tight product is immersed to approximately its fill level in water, which is then heated, and maintained at those temperatures for a desired period of time.

We now manufacture our own pasteurisers, as we realised that we simply could not afford, nor could we justify even if we could afford, the products available on the market.  We now make these available to you, at approximately 50% of others available on the market per sq. ft.

Prices from £2,500 (1200 x 500), £4,500 (1200 x 850)

Please contact us for more information.

Photos:  In Bottle Pasteuriser (Water Bath Pasteuriser) 1200mm x 850mm internal