Our services fall in to two main camps

‘Pure’ Contract Bottling

This for those who know all the answers, who can provide everything to us without requiring us to do anything other than process the ingredients in the manner that you ask.  We can purchase ingredients and bottles etc. on your behalf, but you would know exactly what to ask for and where to purchase them if required.

Research & Development / Consultancy / Trials

This is where the majority of our customers would initially fall.  When you’re not sure about the answer to some questions, or don’t know what bottle sizes, closures, label sizes etc. that you require.  Work often involves testing recipes, pH adjustments, ingredient sourcing, carbonation levels and much more, even to full flavour and recipe development. If you would like us to answer these questions for you then we can work with you on your project.  Rates are £25-£150 per hour dependent on the experience, use of the factory and skill levels required and the value of the work done. 

We now offer a complete NPD package to take your product from concept to bottle.  From only £1,700 (all inclusive) we can work with you to develop a workable brief, develop your flavour, make changes as necessary, issue you with ingredient declarations, allergen advice and label conformity and ensure all ongoing supply of ingredients are available.  Nutritional information and shelf life testing are also available as bolt-on extras.  Timescales are generally 6-12 weeks.  Flavour development (no bottling, ingredients purchased separately etc.), as a stand-alone starts from £500-£1000 per flavour.

Unsure of whether you are ready for bottling, or if more work is required? 

Do you know:

Your bottle:

•    Type / Material
•    Neck opening
•    Dimensions
•    Volume
•    Colour
•    Closure type
•    Shape
•    Manufacturer / Supplier

Your Closure:
•    Type
•    Colour
•    Tamper evidence mechanism
•    Manufacturer / Supplier

•    Type of substrate
•    Lamination
•    Size
•    Have a cutter, or are aware of your needs of a cutter
•    Special requirements (embossing etc.)
•    Manufacturer / Supplier

•    Type

•    Ingredients
•    Ingredients Manufacturers / Suppliers
•    Method of mixing (if applicable)
•    Storage Method
•    Special Handling Requirements
•    How the ingredients will arrive (RTD, JAW, BiB etc)
•    How excess ingredients will be stored (if applicable)

•    Process
•    Temperatures (where applicable for your specific process)
•    Levels of carbonation (if applicable)

If the answer to many of these is ‘no’, or ‘I didn’t think of that’, then it is likely that further work will be required before bottling can be started.  This can be done by yourself, or if you require us to do that for you then development charges may apply.