We're happy to take on, and have, a wide range of product development for different beverages, syrups and ready-to-drinks.

If it's a tweak to an existing recipe for a current bottling customer then we generally don't charge.  If you're a new customer then we do have to charge for this.

Why we charge
Because that way we both get what we need from the process.  We get large numbers of people asking for our help.  We always, and without fail, give that information away to help people.  But what if you want something tangible like a product?  You'll have a deadline and you have to trust that your developer will complete it for you.  But what's our incentive?  We want to help, of course we do, but if a paying customer comes to us then bluntly that customer will likely take priority.  We want to be able to prioritise your work, and you want to be sure that your product is being worked on.  

How long will it take?
There is no general answer for that.  If you're asking for something and we have to source ingredients etc then some supplies may take weeks to arrive if they're coming from the continent which is where many of the flavour houses are based.  If it's a flavour you have but would like a little tweak then perhaps a few hours.  If we can source it from the UK then maybe a couple of days.

If you also want a unique bottle style, and the artwork and labels prepped and a specific closure type and/or a different style process for the bottling then all these things add time.  We don't do everything in house and we work with people we trust to get the job done.

But I can get something from you to work on quickly can't I?
Yes, and no.  You can be given the options, but in this industry everything works hand-in-hand.  You're looking to wholesale at a certain price point, and therefore you know what you can afford to spend on ingredients and bottling.  The cost of the ingredients relies on the size of the bottle, and so does the label size and cost.  The bottle type will given you more options regarding the cost and style of the closure (cap).  The cost of the ingredients relies on the bottle size, and the bottle size you may pick will decide upon the costs of the ingredients.  Circular.

It can be very frustrating for new clients as until we have 90% completed the development for them we can't give them any pricing.

How much will it cost?
Give us a call and we can discuss it, but expect to pay from £300 upwards based on a single product.  If there are a number of products then you will get more 'bang for your buck'.