DIY bottling is where we open up our facility for your use.  We can briefly train you on how to bottle your products and we then leave you in charge of your own bottling operation for the day, or however long you require.  We are on hand of course to advise you prior to your visit. 

Weekend:  £225 facility rental fee + price per bottle filled.
Weekday: £325 facility rental fee + price per bottle filled

(Note: £75 of bottle filling charges are included in these rates)

250/275ml:    £0.10
330ml:           £0.12
500ml            £0.19
750ml:           £0.29

This charge is purely for the facility use and does not include bottles, cost of goods etc.

We recommend (and for your first visit to us insist), on having at least one member of trained staff with you.  This will be at your cost and you will pay the staff member directly as a sub-contractor to you.

What's included:

  • £75 of bottling charges
  • Electricity on the day
  • CO2
  • Tea & Coffee!
  • The use of our little factory

What's not included:

  • Boxes
  • Bottles
  • Caps 
  • Any raw materials or ingredients

Things we can do for you that we charge for:

Individual blending tank:  For strong flavoured products that could adversely affect other peoples products – circa £70
Cleaning up after you: We're not your mum.  Leave it messy or don’t clean the equipment and it’ll be £25/hour cleaning charge with a 30 min minimum. This really annoys us.
Mineral Water / Pre Chilling (see below)
Extra staff: If you’re on your own but you need extra staff then we can arrange this.
Boxing and pasteurisation:  If you’re leaving for the night but need product to be pasteurised and boxed then stored then we’ll do this for £20/hour with a minimum of 1 hour.
Boxes:  45p for small boxes which fit 20 x  250-330ml bottles. 90p for 12 x 750ml bottles
Bottles & Closures.  Price will be vary slightly based on how many pallets we get delivered at once, thus splitting costs among all customers and ourselves in an effort to save everyone money.  We're nice like that.  We've generally got stock of 250ml crown & screw cap, 330ml screw cap and 750ml screw cap at all times.

Stuff you'll need to know:

Chilling:  To get the best and most efficient carbonation the product needs to be chilled to 4 degrees Centigrade or below.  This will take time.  We can get this kick-started for you by pre-chilling a tank of water the night before to bring it down to 1 degree C.  This is at a cost of double the electricity charge (by meter reading) plus labour.  Typically this will be around £25.  This will vary dependent on the outside air temperature.

The excess water that you do not need can be decanted to a second tank and then pumped back in to the bottling/blending tank for the next round of production if you are producing more than one tank in a day.

Water:  You can either use standard unfiltered tap-water, or as all of our other customers choose to do, use our rather special Mineral Water.  We can’t say where it comes from, but our customers like it because it does make a difference to the flavour.  We collect the water on a weekly basis.  It costs us £75 to do so plus the water cost, and we split that cost among those using the water that week.  You then pay a few pence per litre of water used.  Any water that isn’t used we pay for even if it gets thrown away.  You’ll need to budget a few pounds for water.  Typical costs are in the area of £30-£35 all in, dependent on how much water you use.

Throughput:  The speed you go is dependent upon a few things:  your aptitude, how many people are bottling (one is slow, two is good, three is best), and pasteurisation.  If you’re pasteurising then it will take approx. 40 minutes to pasteurise 200 bottles.  Take this in to account and use this as your slowest step – so you’re looking at max 300 bottles per hour.

A long day: To get the most out of the day and likewise make the cost lowest then you’ll need to get here early and finish late.  You can get a full pallet of bottles done in a day (1,805 for 330ml). You leave when you fancy and just lock up behind yourself.  To put it in perspective, when we rented the facility at our last location we would work from 9am til 1-2am most often to get a full pallet done.  Don’t expect a dissimilar amount of time here either. We think that three people could get it done in 12 hours with our set-up.

Responsibility:  It is your responsibility to ensure your product is sound.  We bear no responsibility for a poor product, bad pasteurisation or any other thing.  By using our facility you indemnify Samuelsons against all loss, damages, public liabilities or any other legal proceedings though the use of our facility, or the product that results from it. You must ensure that you are fully aware of all the risks associated with creating a food product, all legal requirements and that you comply.  You take on all liability when you use the facility.  You must satisfy yourself that all safety procedures, HACCP, H&S and other requirements are fulfilled as Samuelsons nor its staff or volunteers make any guarantees that either your product, our facility or your methodology are suitable for the intended purpose.  Basically if you screw up it’s your fault.  We provide equipment and it’s your job to make sure the equipment is good enough for the job intended.  You can’t sue us.  So there.