If you want to know more, or for a chat with our indefatigable Head Fizzacist or his team please contact us via the form below.  

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0333 987 5059

We know emails are better than contact forms but we get too much spam, sorry! 

Our Address:  Nope, sorry!  We found that some people would just 'turn up' and expect to be seen, both customers and sales reps, and we don't really have the time - we actually work on the floor, we're not a bunch of desk-jockeys!  We don't like to be rude and turn people away though, so we've opted to remove the address from our site.  We also need to make sure that people ask for the address if they want to ship goods to us as we have a very specific goods-in procedure.  Please do NOT try and use an address proffered by search engines or other services online as it is WRONG!

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A brief word about Confidentiality

We are often asked if we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), or Confidentiality Agreement (CA) .

The answer is No, and Yes.

Within our terms and conditions we have a Non Disclosure clause for all of our customers - that's the yes part.  The No part is that we don't have the time to go through the fine print of an NDA that you ask us to sign.  

We do this because while we are happy to give information for free we are not so happy to have to fly paperwork around the country to help you for free while being restricted and have to take on legal consultation. For free.  We hope you understand.